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We are certified since 1997 and all the controls performed during the production process are entered into a software permitting the storage and the statistical processing of lot distribution. Every supply goes with a traceability code which allows to recover all the data about the raw material used and all the controls made during the production process. 

Our factory

MOLLIFICIO LECCHESE is a leading manufacturer of compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, double-torsion springs, zig-zag springs, shaped hooks, furniture springs, bearings and flat springs. They are
found in a wide variety of applications ranging from automotive, electric, household and furniture industry. Our springs are manufactured from carbon, stainless, alloy steel, iron, brass, bronze, silver-plated copper.


Our workshop has advanced equipment incorporating the latest in technology, such as electro-erosion and grinding machines to produce tools and moulds, which are all designed by state-of-the-art CAD software. The workshop only works for our internal use at our customers disposal to ensure good maintenance and to make changes in brief terms when needed.